Getting to know Mint Health & Wellness

You might be surprised (based on my food photos) to learn that although i’m a self-confessed piggy, I do try to make a conscious effort to be aware of what I’m putting into my body. I do my best to steer clear of foods laden with dodgy chemicals & preservatives, eat organic veg & fruit where possible (this is where my Plait subscription has come in super handy) and our home cooking is mostly relatively healthy – although some frozen pizza does feature in our meals every so often… Balance, right?

Right around the time where I tried to focus on cleaner eating, I started hearing about some plant-based supplements – these sounded right up my alley! I already only take plant based protein supplements after my workouts since i’ve always thought it was pointless to work out and follow it up by chugging down a protein shake filled with artificial colours, flavourings, preservatives.. So when these Shine plant supplements started popping up on my newsfeed – I was all ears!

This is how I found about Mint Wellness – and I was lucky enough to be invited to an evening at their warehouses where we learnt all about the products & they also launched an online store! We learnt all about the brands they handle – the overall theme of these brands was that they were all either organic or mostly natural ingredients. Here’s a quick breakdown of the brands and what products stood out to me the most:


This is one of Mint’s star brands, and you’ve probably already seen these around. These powder supplements are made out of superfoods – and nothing else. They make superfoods easy for everyone to work into their diet – you simply pick the one that suits you best, and add the powder to your smoothies, juice, water or even food – I’ve been topping my breakfast cereal with the Wisdom powder this week! There are 7 powders in all and while you can find all of them here, the following three caught my eye the most and I’ll definitely be purchasing these!  –

Shield – to support your immune system

Wisdom – to support your cognitive function

Stamina – to combat fatigue


This range of hair products is aimed at kids – but I’m also very tempted to pick up a couple of products! Started by a mother who couldn’t find a great product for her daughter’s hair, this range is aimed at curly, dry and frizzy hair – it sounds right up my alley! Made out of quinoa protein, this range is also sulfate free, which means it won’t weight down your hair or strip it too much & it’s also great if you’ve had a keratin treatment done and want to stay away from sulfates.


This organic brand was the first brand that Mint started out with – and they specifically started with the sun creams. These range from SPF 15 to 50, and they are mineral sunscreens (as opposed to the more common chemical sunscreens, mineral sunscreens work by providing a physical barrier to the sun’s rays that sits on top of your skin while chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin). There are also bar soaps, liquid soaps & shower gels – the bar soaps smelled divine and I want one in each scent!


This adorable range is aimed at young kids, with biodegradable toothbrushes, natural (and fully edible!) toothpaste, soaps, bubble baths & lotions for bath time, and even a little electrical toothbrush for little ones which plays music while they brush! Although I don’t have kids of my own, these would be right up my alley – perhaps in the meantime, I can buy them as gifts for my nieces & nephews! The cutest thing I saw from this range was this little cloth character with a little pouch for teeth – you hang it up and wait for the tooth fairy to come along!


This may be my favourite part of the website – there are giftboxes split into 3 categories. These are for kids, for adults or for families and this launch right before Christmas time makes our lives so much easier! There’s a great variety of boxes and they will be shipped to you already gift-wrapped. I already have my eye on a few as gifts for this Christmas – I can’t say more as I’ll give away all my secrets…

All these products are available in selected pharmacies and supermarkets – but even better, online too! Local shipping is free over €50 and the site is refreshingly easy to navigate.

As a little extra bonus…code MAYA5 will get you 5% off your first order. At this time however – everything is 25% off for Black Friday 2017 – from Friday the 24th to Monday the 27th, so you have a weekend to browse the site and pick up anything that tickles your fancy! Oh, and if you sign up for their newsletter today you’ll get early access to the sale at 5pm – my fingers are itching to fill my cart and stock up!