Springing forward with Maxfactor

I’m not really one to stick by the makeup rules – I’ll wear vampy lips in summer and bright eyeshadow in winter if I feel like it. But when spring rolls around, I always seem to reach for lighter and brighter makeup. Coupled with somehow waking up late every single day, I’ve been opting for very minimal makeup on most days. So when I received a little set of goodies from MaxFactor – a mascara, transparent brow gel and bright lippie, these fit perfectly into my current daily routine!

2000 Calorie Curl Addict mascara: I’ve always heard how great the 2000 calorie mascara is, and this is a new addition to the range that promises to deliver rich volume and curl. The brush is an unusual shape, and with a few good swipes you can build up your lashes from barely there to full on glam. I tend to use the inside of the scoop to start off with and coat the lashes, then flip the brush over and build more volume that way. It can get clumpy if you’re a bit too heavy handed with it, so I definitely recommend wiping off the excess mascara on the mouth of the tube before applying it. The mascara stands up brilliantly to daily wear without flaking and it’s really easy to remove – but it will smudge if it  comes into contact with water, so perhaps it’s not the best mascara to opt for if your eyes tend to get watery, or you’re watching lots of cute puppy videos.

Velvet Matte lipstick in Flame: This new range of lipsticks from Maxfactor claim to be matte while delivering moisture, and come in seven different shades from nude to a deep red. I was given the option to choose any colour of lipstick from this range and I picked Flame, which turned out to be this bright coral/peach shade which is the perfect spring colour! It is a very bright shade – I love it, but perhaps a more neutral tone might be a better option if you’re not into bright lips. The lipstick doesn’t feel drying so it delivers on the moisturising promise, but it’s not as matte as we’ve come to be used to in these days of the completely matte lipsticks that have taken over the makeup world. It bled around the edges slightly, but I’m the laziest person ever and NEVER wear lipliner so that part might be my fault! It stands up well to eating and drinking with just the middle part fading slightly, and touchups are a breeze.
Natural Brow Styler clear brow gel: To continue on the theme of me being the laziest person ever – this laziness means I really hate doing my brows cos it takes sooo long and honestly I just find doing them quite boring. (Please don’t report me to the blogging gods as being a bad blogger for not sharing everyone’s obsession with brows.) So if I do bother with my brows, I usually opt for brow gels because it’s a couple of swipes and your brows are tamed. This clear brow gel keeps brows in place without making them look wet or feel crunchy, and I’ve even used it a couple of times to keep stray baby hairs in place when I didn’t have hairspray to hand! The only small issue I have with it is that the brush is the size of a regular mascara brush so you don’t get as much precision as you would with a smaller brush. Then again because it’s a clear product, if you do hit the skin around the brows slightly nobody’s going to be any wiser.

Have you tried any of these, or has any of them caught your eye? Let me know below!