Burgers and balayage

What do you get when you have a hairdresser’s appointment that overlaps with an important match for the team your boyfriend supports? Why, lunch with fancy hair and football on in the background (well, I guess I was in the background for my boyfriend…)

Before even getting into the hair, let’s talk burgers. For the past couple of years, there’s been a burger-shaped hole in my life, because the chef that used to make the most divine burgers at Ryan’s Pub left. I was so sad at the thought of never having my favourite CEB burger again, and sadder still to see the ribs go. A casual scroll through Facebook recently revealed that the chef is back, and serving the incredible burgers and ribs again! So when Milan were playing at lunch time on a Saturday, I obviously suggested popping down to have lunch there while the match was on!

If you’ve only ever been to Ryan’s at night and under the influence of one too many drinks, visiting at lunchtime is a surreal experience – but you’ll be too distracted by the juiciness of the ribs to look around you too much. Once you’ve eaten though, you might be as amused as I was to note how different the place looks in the daylight – and you’ll appreciate being able to walk around without being shoved against a stranger’s smelly armpit or having your feet squelch on the sticky floor.

I also had a hair appointment that morning, which was luckily in St Julians too, so everything worked out nicely. If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I’ve always had my hair done at Village Gossip in Mosta, and I was convinced he’d be doing my hair for the wedding too – but due to a date mixup, he was unavailable on my date. After lots of searching for someone who creates styles along the lines I had in mind, I stumbled across Remi Hairdressing and instantly fell in love with the photos of his work. Eventually I ended up booking him for my wedding, and at this stage I reasoned that if I was trusting him with my wedding hair, I could trust him with my hair colour too! I booked myself in for balayage and a trim, and counted down the days to visit.

Once I was there, we discussed the hair colour I had in mind – I wanted to go back to a natural brown with lighter ends. Remi suggested I darken the roots instead, and keep my previous colour on the ends – a sort of reverse balayage if you will. While not exactly what I had in mind, I leapt at the chance to avoid bleaching my hair and causing any more damage to my already dry ends. A little while later and I walked out of the salon with glossy, curly hair that added a little extra spring to my step!

It’s been a week and I’ve been loving the change to darker hair, and my hair feels brand new after a much needed trim! Although it’s not quite what I had in mind when I walked in, I ended up loving it even more than if I had bleached it – I’m always so hesitant to bleach my hair because I know I’ll regret the damage no matter how much I love the end result!

Burgers and balayage – what are your thoughts on either? Let me know below!