BRIDAL BABBLE #3 – a catch up

So here we are, officially at the worst stage of wedding planning. We’ve booked all the big things (read my first post here if you’d like a quick catch up) and now we’re at that awkward stage in between booking all the things you need to book in advance, and sorting out the things that need to be done closer to the wedding.

We haven’t been completely idle though, here are a few of the things we’ve done since my last post:

Asked the cutest bridal party members to be part of our special day

Although the choice of page boy and flowergirls was a very easy one (my nephew and 2 nieces), I wanted to find some way to ask them to be part of our day, with something they could keep. After LOTS of searching, I stumbled across these super cute puzzles on Etsy, and ordered one each. They arrived really quickly, and I love that they’re personalisable. The quality is lovely and there are quite a few options to choose from, and they could even be framed to keep them safer for longer. My nephew, at 6, loved putting the puzzle together and my favourite thing was seeing his face when he noticed his name was written on the puzzle. The flowergirls are a bit too young (2yo & 1yo) to fully grasp the idea – but liked the puzzle anyway! I can’t wait to have my favourite little ones by my side, all dressed up cutely!

Bridesmaid dresses

Just like with wedding dresses, I think you can go into bridesmaid dress  shopping with a clear idea of what you want in your mind…And completely change your mind as soon as you start looking at the available options! I thought I’d like the dresses to be navy and made of tulle but we then decided it would be too dark, and we chose another colour in chiffon –  I’ll keep the colour as a little secret for now! We ordered the dresses a few weeks ago and I can’t wait for them to arrive already!

After party dress dilemma

I’ve been toying with the idea of having a second dress, to change into when we get to the afterparty to make it easier to dance the night away. But I’m really torn between wanting to have a second dress for comfort, and wanting to stay in my special dress the whole night long to make the most of the only chance I have to wear it! I haven’t yet seen anything that has particularly struck my fancy, so if you have any ideas, please do let me know!

Booked a new hairdresser

The first (and so far only) crisis we faced was when we realised that due to a miscommunication, our hairdresser is going to be abroad on our wedding date! Cue me bursting into tears like a baby at the salon, and lots of searching for a new hairdresser. After looking around for a while, and asking for recommendations on The Beauty Game (with over 300 replies!) I’ve now booked a new hairdresser, whose style seems to be right up my alley!

Booked the florist

After getting a couple of quotes and not feeling too confident in any of them, we visited a florist and after trying to explain what style I wanted, I resorted to pulling up my Pinterest board…She took one look at it, showed me a fresh bouquet she thought I’d like as it was in exactly the same style as I was looking for…and I was completely won over! There’s something special about someone understanding the vision you have in your mind that just makes it easy to say yes and put the deposit down as fast as you humanly can

Bought the wedding rings

This was a surprisingly​ easy and unemotional process – we both knew what we wanted and headed straight to the same jeweler that made my engagement ring. A few minutes looking at the various options and we finally chose what we had in mind anyway – nice and easy! 

These are the things we’ll be looking into booking over the next month or so:

  • Finding a priest to celebrate the mass – we thought this was sorted but there was a date mixup
  • Church singers/music – recommendations welcome!
  • Mens’ suits
  • Souvenir brainstorming
  • Venue decoration ideas

It had been a while since my last Bridal Babble post so this turned out lengthier than I planned! With the new blog format, this will turn into a much more regular post.
If you’re planning your wedding too… do let me know where you’re at with your planning, and if you’ve already planned it – your recommendations are welcomed and valued!