BRIDAL BABBLE #2 – Proposals and dress shopping!

Since my first wedding-related post (which had the SWEETEST feedback, by the way!), we’ve cut down on wedding planning – all the big things were out of the way. Well, almost all the big things – I still needed to find a dress, and we needed to ask the members of our bridal party if they’d like to be part of our special day!

Dress Shopping

I had no intention of starting to look at wedding dresses so soon, I was aiming at the beginning of 2017 to start looking for my dress. But an open day at a wedding dress shop caught my eye, and that was it – I had four appointments booked at different bridal boutiques within a few days.

But I only made it to two of those appointments, because I found my dress at the second shop I visited! I found my dress at Alamango, and I honestly can’t recommend them enough for making it such a special experience.


For my first visit, I was accompanied by my maid of honour and one of my bridesmaids, and we sat down in front of a large touchscreen, where we could flip through an electronic catalogue and take note of the dresses I liked or wanted to try. At this stage, I was still unsure of what shape i preferred on myself, so we picked out many different styles and shapes, and ended up with a list of over 20 dresses. This absolutely didn’t phase the attendants, who picked out each dress I chose and brought them to the fitting room. At this stage, we spotted a dress on a mannequin and my MOH pointed it out, and suggested that I try it too. While i wasn’t too impressed at how it looked on the mannequin, something about it caught my eye and I added it to the list of dresses I’d like to try.

An hour or so later, I had tried everything on my list and while each dress was beautiful, none of them caught my eye or excited me. The VERY patient attendant told me that we got to the end of my list, but I remembered the one on the mannequin and knew that I definitely hadn’t tried that one on. So I decided to try it on just to end the appointment….and fell in love instantly!

I had always thought that people exaggerated the feeling of knowing it’s the one…I honestly felt completely different in this dress to all the others I had tried on. I didn’t want to remove the dress and was overwhelmed with emotion, and the reactions of my bridesmaids were equally positive – I knew this was THE dress. The attendants made it even better by bringing me a veil and bouquet…and I could instantly see myself standing in church wearing this beautiful dress.

The only thing holding me back was that I wanted to show it to my mother before confirming the purchase, and returned two days later with both parents in tow. They both loved it and that sealed the deal – I was signing the cheque for the dress in no time.

The worst thing about buying my dress so early is that I want to wear it NOW. 🙂

Bridal Party proposals

As soon as we got engaged, we started discussing the bridal party. It was a big decision for us – after all, you’re asking the most special people in your life to be part of your most special day! We finally settled on a list that consists of: maid of honour, best man, two bridesmaids, one groomsman, and two witnesses. We decided to make cards to ‘propose’ to our bridal party – which was an unexpectedly stressful process! It took us a while to settle on the final design, but we made them on Canva and we adapted a theme until we were happy with the final look. We then came up with a different way of wording the question in each card, to make it more personal. (I obviously totally forgot to take a photo of all 7 cards together. )


I’ve now taken a break from wedding planning – and we’re knee-deep in house planning, which is somehow way more stressful! But here are a few of the things I’m thinking about next:

  • Flowers
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Men’s suits

Are you planning your wedding? Tell me what you’re doing at the moment below, or let me know on Facebook!