Bridal babble #1 – one year to go!

So a couple of weeks ago, I asked if you’d be interested in monthly wedding related posts, and the answer was an overwhelming yes! So here’s the first post in this series, and what better day to post this than exactly one year before our wedding!

Wedding planner notebook from Moleskine

I’m planning to share these posts on a monthly basis, where I list what we’ve done in that month, and what we’ll be doing next. I’ll also be sharing inspirations and images I’m liking, hoping to spread a little inspiration to anyone also planning their wedding!

So we’ve been engaged since December 2015, and didn’t start planning the wedding until around mid-July. It was a combination of things – I couldn’t get into a planning frame of mind with the wedding still so far off, as well as the fact that we were still in the house-hunting stage which took priority over the wedding. With one year to go, and a house, we finally started getting stuff done!

So here’s what we’ve booked so far:

  • the venue (including catering)
    • We knew from the start that we didn’t want a traditional venue, and we’re having a small intimate wedding so we needed somewhere relatively small. We looked around and got quotes from many different venues. We struggled to find a venue that wouldn’t be too large or too over the top for our tastes, until we stumbled upon The Chophouse. It’s a restaurant that’s used as a venue for events, with stunning views and a little bit unusual as a venue – just what I wanted! It’s also relatively small in size, so we can’t fall into the trap of expanding our guestlist too much, even if we’re tempted to at some point!
  • the church
    • We chose Nazzarenu church in Sliema. It’s close to our venue, and means a lot to me personally so it was a win-win situation.
  • the photographer
    • After trawling through many Maltese wedding photographers’ online portfolios, I couldn’t find any that struck my fancy. I finally came across a website that featured beautiful images, in exactly the style I had in mind. I had no idea who the photographer was, until I requested a quote and figured out it was Kris Micallef, whose non-wedding photography had already caught my eye many times, and I had no idea he did weddings too. We set up a meeting – and knew instantly that we’d love him to shoot our wedding, and booked as soon as possible the next day!
  • the band
    • Booking a band was way harder than I expected. We asked for many quotes, and most bands were booked. We were close to giving up, when we decided to get in touch with The Travellers, who we both enjoy listening to and had lots of fun watching them live at the Beer Festival. Luckily for us, they were available on our date!
  • the Kana course, which we’ll be starting this October.
    • You wouldn’t believe the hassle it took to book this course! If you intend to have a church wedding any time soon, get started on booking this as soon as possible, as we tried 4 different localities and each one had different booking procedures.
  • Hairdresser
    • We both already go to Village Gossip, so this was an obvious choice!

That’s pretty much it for what we’ve done so far – it might not seem like much, but I underestimated how stressful it would be! Especially because we’re getting married on a public holiday, it’s difficult to find availabilities for everything you’d like!

What I’ve learnt so far, and the best advice I can give, is that it’s best to sort all the things you need/want to do for your wedding into two lists – one list where the vendor/supplier is exclusive to one event, and one list where the vendor/supplier can carry out multiple events on one day. For example, venue would go into the first list, while flowers would go into the second. This way, you can focus on booking the most important things first, and get the rest of the things done slowly!

Next up, I’d like to get these booked or done:

  • Finding a priest to officiate our wedding
  • Start gathering information on wedding dress shops
  • Gathering inspiration for colour schemes, decorations etc

I’ve been starting to use Pinterest for wedding ideas, so feel free to follow these two boards if you’d like some inspo too – they’re not too full yet, but they will be in time!

That’s it for today’s first installment in this Bridal Babble series. This was way longer than envisaged, but since it was the first one, I had more explaining to do! Please feel free to share any tips or ideas with me or ask any questions, here or on my Facebook page!