Learning to love my curls – with Pantene & Herbal Essences!


In the three years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve received a fair amount of packages from companies with products to try out. It’s usually products from a new range, or a selection of items across a range. Each and every package is greatly appreciated, and I’m always thrilled that someone thought of little old me… But I’ve never received a package that’s been so carefully customized and planned to suit my needs!

When I was first contacted, I was asked for my skin and hair type and any concerns – and I received a package that was tailored to meet those needs (I posted a photo of the whole haul here if you’re curious). While it may sound like I’m making a fuss – you have NO idea how lovely it is to receive products that are so personalised!


I instantly put the products to the test, and after around 6 weeks of using the products – I can safely say they’ve changed my hair’s life. Here’s a breakdown of each product and how they performed for my hair (my hair is curly-ish, frizzy, bleached and dyed, just so you know what I’m working with):

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Moisture Shampoo – this shampoo provides a fresh minty deep clean, the type where your hair feels squeaky clean after each wash. I’m not quite sure how else to review shampoo except to say that…it works?

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Moisture Conditioner – this conditioner is a very lightweight conditioner, that provides moisture without weighing your hair down. My hair felt instantly smoother as soon as I rinse it out, but I do need a more heavy duty conditioner for my frizzball hair – luckily, the next product fits that description!

Pantene Intensive Repair Masque – I can’t express my love for this masque enough. It makes my hair feel so so so smooth and soft – I almost feel like it goes back to feeling like its pre-bleached, pre-dyed self every time I use this masque. I’ve ended up using it every time I wash my hair, and it doesn’t lead to product buildup or flat hair.

Pantene Curls No Crunch Whip – for someone learning to love their natural curly-ish hair, this product was a god-send. It comes out like whipped cream, swirls and all, and you scrunch it into your hair. It defines curls without drying hard or crunchy, and doesn’t leave you with a wet look, it’s almost more like you’ve applied a leave-in conditioner instead of a curl mousse. As my curls in the above photo attest – it doesn’t squish down your curls, merely defines them and lets them do their own thing minus the frizz. Ah-mazing.

Training myself into putting down the straightener and deal with my natural hair has been a journey – a journey that was made much easier with these products, especially the masque and the curl mousse!

Do you have hair that’s hard to tame? Let me know what your must-have products are!

These products were sent to me for review, but I was in no way obliged to give a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.