6 no-fuss lipsticks you need in your daily makeup routine!

After 18 years of schooling, and summer jobs where I could turn up in a hoody and jeans, I started a new job around 4 months ago – how and when did I become an adult?. It’s a relatively formal environment, and I’ve had to adjust both my wardrobe and my makeup habits. I’ve also become a pro at shortening my morning routine – any extra minutes of sleep are extremely welcome.


So I’ve pretty much got my neutral makeup down pat and I can do it with barely opened morning eyes. I keep the eyes neutral/nude, the blush/contour toned down – and I change up the lipstick depending on my mood that day. I have a constant rotation of work-appropriate lipsticks in my handbag, and I thought I’d share them with you for some makeup inspiration if you’re looking for a few good neutral lipsticks!


From left to right:
WJCON Pure Color in 401 – I’ve spoken about this lipstick quite a few times before, and I can’t believe I haven’t finished this yet – I have a backup waiting in my drawer! It’s a warm coral-y colour and can look anywhere from orange to pink, and it feels very moisturising without slipping and sliding all over your face. (Wearing this here)

New Look Pure Colour Lipstick in Mink  – I have to say I never expected to actually like makeup from New Look, but I really enjoy wearing this light nude! It does tend to feel and smell a bit…well, cheap but I wasn’t expecting wonders from it. It’s a satiny finish and lasts a pretty decent time on my lips. (Wearing this here)

MAC Velvet Teddy – this lippie has soared in popularity with the Kylie Jenner trend, and I’m so glad I picked it up! It’s a warm nude that’s super easy to wear, and I always overdraw this a bit for an extra plump look. (Wearing this here)

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Barely There – This lipstick looks way darker on my lips than it swatched on my hands, but it’s a very wearable daily colour, with just a hint of deepness to the nude that makes it perfect for autumn/winter. (Wearing this here)

MAC Mehr – a dusty pink that’s not quite like any lipstick I’ve seen before. It doesn’t look like the most exciting colour in the tube, but it just works with pretty much every look and it’s so flattering! (Wearing this here)

WJCON Matt Sublime in 604 – This is actually pretty similar to MAC’s Mehr, but it does have a slightly deeper and pinkier tone to it. While I’d say Mehr is right on the line between nude and pink, WJCON’s lipstick crosses the line to stand firmly on the pink side. As a matte formulation, I may even have to admit that I prefer it to MAC’s matte lipsticks. (Wearing this here)



Now – your turn! What lipstick(s) lives in your handbag for daily use? 🙂