A search for Saturday lunch

A couple of Saturdays ago, I decided a new haircut and a new handbag were enough of an excuse to decide to go out to lunch. By the time we went out for lunch, it was almost 1:30pm and we tried 3 different restaurants that were fully booked or had stopped serving lunch already. Now’s a good time to say that both my boyfriend and I do not deal well with hunger,  and quickly turn into the Mr.Hyde versions of ourselves. So when The Cliffs restaurant in Dingli popped into my head, I was hoping with every fibre of my body that they would have a free table and were still serving lunch – they did, and they were!

We had the one-kilometre platter to start with, which was really interesting as they claim that everything on the plate has been grown or gathered from a 1km radius around the restaurant – considering the restaurant is right on the edge of the cliffs, I would imagine this limits their choices as half of that 1km radius covers just sea. The plate was just what we needed to dial our hunger down to reasonable levels, with pickled onions, sundried tomatoes, peppered cheeselets (gbejna tal-bżar), artichoke hearts and fresh Maltese bread that was perfect for dipping.MAltese-Style-PastaBorage-Ravioli

As mains, I chose the Maltese style pasta, while my boyfriend chose the borage ravioli. While my pasta was just what you’d expect, with cheeselets and Maltese sausage, the star of the show were the borage ravioli. Borage is a little blue flower you see dotted around the Maltese countryside, and I love that the ravioli are filled with such a local and overlooked ingredient.Mqaret

For dessert, we activated the little secret space in everyone’s tummy that’s reserved especially for dessert, and shared a plate of little mqaret (date-filled pastries) with ice-cream. The mqaret were served piping hot, with a crunchy exterior and soft tasty interior – definitely the best mqaret I’ve ever tried!

Obligatory post haircut photo.

I have to say that although I’ve been to The Cliffs before, I somehow forget how good it is and I’m pleasantly surprised every time I visit. It’s definitely worth a try, especially with the unbeatable view, and the use of ingredients that are local and traditional without being boring.