REVIEW: Max Factor Lipfinity in Ever Sumptuous!

Lipfinity-Ever-Sumptuous-2I feel like I’ve been on a lipstick roll recently – this is my third lipstick post in the past few weeks! But when you’re given the opportunity to try out a Max Factor lipstick… you take it! I was given the option to choose from the 10 available colours, and I picked Ever Sumptuous because it looked like such a gorgeous every day colour!

When I received the lipstick, the first thing I noticed was the glossy gold fancy packaging! The second thing I noticed was that although it looks like a subtle peachy colour online… it’s a BOLD in-your-face neon peach/orange colour in real life! I was SO excited when I noticed what a bright colour it is – give me bold lippies over nudes any day!

I popped it on immediately when I received it, and went straight out to dinner. I was super impressed to see that it held up really well when I ate a burger! I’ve been wearing it really often since then, and I’ve posted three photos wearing it which you can check out here, here and here I even decided to take it with me when I went on holiday last week to give it a good test drive.

It goes on very smoothly, with a bit of slip but doesn’t look too shiny – think semi-matte satin finish. After an hour or so of wear (depending on what you’re doing), the glossy part fades away and you’re left with all the pigmentation but in a much more matte finish. It’s almost like you’ve put on a matte lipstick, with a balm on top – and then once the balm wears off, you’re left with just the matte lipstick. Although I’ve never tried the more popular Lipfinity with the liquid lipstick and balm, it feels like they combined the benefits of the traditional Lipfinity into one convenient tube!


At €12.99, I’ll definitely be looking into the other shades in this range. I was really impressed with the pigmentation and longevity of this lipstick! If you’d like to learn more about it, I’d recommend checking out the Max Factor Malta Facebook page here!

Have you ever tried this Lipfinity lipstick, or the liquid lipstick version? Let me know your thoughts below!